lasagne Lasagne recipes are like admitting you're Spartacus. "I'm the definitive lasagne recipe!" "I'm the definitive lasagne recipe!" To that end, I'm not even sure I've cooked it exactly the same way twice. It's one of those things I've been cooking forever and therefore patch the method from time to time. Today was no different. I went bechamel rather than cheese sauce, and used beef stock over a stock cube (a standard step-skipper in my mince recipes). I also tried to overcome my carnivorous lust of piling everything … Continue Reading ››

spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke

spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke Pleased as punch note: this recipe has been given the Jamie Oliver seal of approval :-) A lightning fast pasta dinner. All those wonderful tasty ingredients coming together in a dish that allows you to taste each element yet come together as a varied and interesting whole. Fresh peas, salty prosciutto, meaty artichoke... lovely. Spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke:

250g spaghetti

5 slices of prosciutto, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

250ml white wine

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peanut butter cookies

peanut butter cookies I happened on these totally by accident. The ever-readable Jo of Jo's Kitchen put out a plaintive Twitter plea for a quick post-work cookie recipe. I was sure Nigella would have the answer, and sure enough, she did. I suggested them, alas peanut butter is not her thing. Bloody is mine though, Reese's Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups send me giddy with delight - it's the clash of salt and sweet that makes it. It's riotously simple - peanut … Continue Reading ››

porcini marsala pasta

porcini marsala conchiglie with parmesan Why do porcini mushrooms stink so bad while they are marinating in hot water? It's like cat food! That said, many dishes would be all the poorer without their meaty, chewy flavour. I've combined them here with chestnut mushrooms, chicken breast pieces, and surrounded it all with rich, sweet marsala-infused chicken stock and just a touch of cream. It was very tasty, but a little thin. If I did it again (and I will) I'd add a touch of … Continue Reading ››

roast squash rigatoni

roast butternut squash rigatoni An open confession: I arrived home to this hearty treat as a dish prepared by Mrs Roast Potato and eldest New Potato (is that metaphor too tortured?). Regardless, I present it here on their behalf. A real punchy mediterranean pasta blowout. Roasted squash rigatoni:

1 butternut squash, skinned and diced

2 cloves of garlic, peeled

12 cherry tomatoes, halved

250g rigatoni

Handful of mixed olives

Handful of basil leaves

  1. Preheat the oven to 200C.
  2. Pop the squash, tomatoes and garlic in a baking … Continue Reading ››