duck confit

duck confit "How easy is it to make duck confit?" This was the question thrown at me from over the desk. I paused for a moment, trying to decide how to answer. "It's fairly easy technique, though you are dealing with a face-meltingly hot bowl of fat." I'm not sure whether that'sĀ encouragementĀ or not, but it was too late for me. I had the idea in my head and I wanted to make it for myself. Can't remember the last time I did it. When I approached it this time, I … Continue Reading ››

pork escalope milanese

pork escalope milanese with green beans and fries You can't beat a piece of meat in breadcrumbs. That feeling as you sink your teeth into the crunchy coating and it gives way to tender, juicy meat... A little flavouring in the breading and it's slightly different every time. I always try to blitz a leftover loaf and chuck them in the freezer so I've always got a bag of breadcrumbs ready to shake over a piece of meat. Pork escalope milanese … Continue Reading ››

chorizo, kale and chickpea stew

chorizo, kale and chickpea stew A straightforward, simple and tasty stew. Ready in under ten minutes and perfect for midweek meals. Juicy, meaty sausage with the umami tang of kale, bolstered by the satisfying bite of chickpea. Chorizo, kale and chickpea stew:

130g chorizo, diced

1 onion, diced

150g kale, chopped

500ml chicken stock

1 tin chickpeas, drained

  1. Fry the chorizo in a pan until starting to brown. Put to one side.
  2. In the same pan fry the onion. When starting to soften put the chorizo … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s perfect carrots

What better to go with perfect roast chicken than perfect carrots? Heston's recipe features no water at all - the outer membrane of carrots is desperate to leach flavour so by keeping all the goodies in the pan you should have the fullest flavour carrots going.

Heston Blumenthal's perfect carrots (serves 4):

4 carrots, sliced about 1cm thick

50g Butter

  1. Melt the butter gently in a pan and place the carrots in one layer. Cook gently, with only a slight sizzle.
  2. Cook for 45 minutes until knife tender, turning once … Continue Reading ››