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Regular readers of this recipe rolodex may be quite surprised to learn that I’ve never made my own mayonnaise. One more reading of Nigel Slater’s Appetitenagged at me to do so, so I did. I was wary of the whole splitting thing but luckily did not encounter any of the emulsion demons. I gathered about half a dozen different recipes […]

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victoria sponge

Now this is more like it. After last week’s misfire, this Victoria sponge was extremely satisfying. Light and crumby, with rich cream and tart jam, we’re heading in the right direction. There’s still some improvement to be had in the texture, so that’s my next area to work on. Baking is a very different area for me; I’m so used […]

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white chocolate gateau

Cakes and baking isn’t really my thing. I don’t know why, but batter rarely sets, sponge goes leathery and it ends up being a fantastic waste of time. Well, not this year. I will become Ace of Cakes. Attempt #1 this year is true to form. I blindly followed an Olive magazine recipe, much to my peril. When I was […]

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