chocolate and caramel macarons

chocolate and caramel macarons Apologies for the dishevelled appearance in the photo, sadly the decent ones went immediately! I have attempted macarons before; often problem-laden and unpredictable. The worst part was trying to let them set to achieve the mythical 'foot'; the gluey bit on the bottom that forms that crusty ring. So when I was invited to a pre-launch macaron class at the Waitrose Cookery School I jumped at the chance. The training kitchens, situated in Goldhurst Terrace, London, … Continue Reading ››

sausage & sauerkraut

sausage and sauerkraut This particular Bavarian feast was inspired by EssexEating wandering through a German Christmas market and being tempted by the wurst and sauerkraut on offer. I could take his Tweets no longer, and dove off to the supermarket to build it up. I've not made true sauerkraut, but dressed cooked white cabbage in a sharp and tangy sauce instead. I've tried to amp up the notes by introducing a few foreign elements too: horseradish to add fiery depth, and … Continue Reading ››