Monthly Archives: November 2010

baked caramel apples

When you have a batch of leftover caramel and a few apples knocking about, it’s time to have some crunchy super-sweet caramel apples! Just the thing for Wintry nights. Baked caramel apples: 2 apples (I like something firm and crunchy to stand up to the baking, Empire do the trick for me here) ½ pint caramel sauce A handful of […]

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chocolate and caramel macarons

Apologies for the dishevelled appearance in the photo, sadly the decent ones went immediately! I have attempted macarons before; often problem-laden and unpredictable. The worst part was trying to let them set to achieve the mythical ‘foot’; the gluey bit on the bottom that forms that crusty ring. So when I was invited to a pre-launch macaron class at the […]

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lamb saag balti

After the success of a recent curry, I had leftover onion base and balti paste. To ring the changes I had a lamb and spinach version, and it was delicious. I really recommend the Waitrose onion curry base, it’s a brilliant time-saver and packed with taste. Lamb saag balti: ½ jar of onion curry base 2 tablespoons Patak’s balti paste […]

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