chicken tortilla melt

chicken tortilla melt I could take EssexEating's taunting Tweets on the subject no more. I needed a crispy, cheesy tortilla fix on the quick. A big pile of cheesy chips like this reminds me of my student days. I would microwave for an instant result, but when I have time I like to bake this so the tortillas have a hollow, crisp edge. I've made this one have theĀ pretenceĀ of a real meal by adding a protein and a veg but let's … Continue Reading ››

quick cauliflower dhal

quick cauliflower dhal curry This dinner was made super-fast by the addition of two dead handy ingredients: Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients Onion Curry Base and Patak's Balti paste. This wiped so much time off the cooking, all I was waiting for was the cauliflower to get tender. The Waitrose onion curry base is particularly great; sweet, spicy and tender onions, garlic, ginger and chilli in a jar sweated down. Look out for them.

Quick cauliflower dhal:

Half a … Continue Reading ››

perfect jacket potato

perfect jacket potato I quite like jacket potatoes, but the observant among you will note I'm more of a roast potato man. To my mind a jacket should be crisp and earthy on the outside, yet fluffy and yielding inside. Is there any other way? Mrs. RP is an absolute fiend for the jak pot however, and could have them every day. Something else that divides the Roast Potato household is BEANS. BAKED BEANS. I have a rabid, horrific hatred of them. It's the one … Continue Reading ››

chorizo calzone

chorizo calzone I had half the dough left over from pesto pizza, and it occurred to me that I'd never made one of my favourite Italian foods: calzone. That lovely folded pizza, like a Cornish pasty spending a gap year travelling. I was bowled over by how tasty it was. It really was great, especially when paired with a zingy mustardy salad.

Chorizo calzone:

For the dough (makes 2 x 30cm pizzas; I used half for two calzones):

500g … Continue Reading ››