steak and mushroom pie

steak and mushroom pie I possess the world's worst hands for handling pastry. Fact. These hot hams won't be churning out mille feuille any time soon. So I tried my best at one of these recipe ideas from BakingMad using simple old short crust. I made a few changes to make sure the meat was completely tender and gave it a cheese-flavoured savoury pastry that just finished it off nicely. I handled the … Continue Reading ››

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy mustard mash This is largely based on a recipe from Jamie's 30-Minute Meals (yes, I still haven't cooked them all) but without the crazy Ryvita-apple salad (?). I'll be honest: the only reason I made it was to have a squirly-whirly sausage which somehow makes me grin more than regular daisy-chained sausages. But the leek gravy is the surprise star, all sweet and silky. I've added … Continue Reading ››

sag aloo

sag aloo One of my favourite dishes from an Indian takeaway, among the mighty lamb balti, brilliant onion bhaji and cracking keema naan, is the humble sag aloo. Spinach and potato. What springs to mind are buttery, savoury bright yellow nuggets of firm potato streaked with iron-y spinach. Yum. But I've never managed to recreate it successfully at home. In a moment of weakness the other day I picked up a packet of Schwartz Bombay Potato mix somehow assuming it would be any … Continue Reading ››

lemon yoghurt cheesecake

[There is supposed to be a photo here, but once I'd seen it I couldn't inflict it on your poor eyes. It was an awful abomination unto lenses. It did however taste great.] The lovely people at Frank PR sent me some Onken Sicilian Lemon Yoghurt to try. Trying it neat it's has a wicked tang, properly lemony. Really nice texture too that coats the tongue. But I couldn't leave it at that, I thought it would taste perfect in a cheesecake. The version I've made … Continue Reading ››

boozy milk

boozy milk A rare evening alone; everyone had disappeared to bed. So I did what every self-respecting man does: catch up on recorded TV, eat crisps and er, flick through the latest cookbook. I'd been sent a copy of Hungry?, the third recipe book from the cheeky chaps at Innocent. It's a family-friendly cookbook, with loads of great reliable recipes made from decent ingredients. I'll certainly be featuring a few in the coming weeks. … Continue Reading ››