arctic roll

jamie oliver's arctic roll This one is straight from the pages of Jamie's Great Britain. I don't have particularly as strong memories of arctic roll as other people seem to - but what's not to love here? Ice cream, jam, sponge... And it is good - but it's extremely similar to his pudding bombe masterpiece (which I'm making for about the sixth time this week, do try it now pannetone is in the shops). Given the choice I'd … Continue Reading ››

competition – win gordon ramsay cookbooks [closed]

This giveaway is now closed. Feel free to keep leaving comments though! I have too many cookbooks. This is probably true of quite a few of you if you're mildly food-obsessed like me. So I had to be quite tough with a cookbook reorganisation lately. Quite a few went to the lucky charity shops. Some others I thought to sell on. There's Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food, which features one of my favourite things to cook in the whole wide world. There's Gordon Ramsay's Pub FoodContinue Reading ››

sunday roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts

sunday roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts Sunday lunch is when you want to just go for it. I grew up in one of those lucky houses where my Mum cooked a Sunday roast every week without fail, and recently it's been nagging at me to do this much more regularly for my own family. But my Mum didn't have Twitter to distract her. Or Facebook. Or Dave … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s pea and ham soup

heston blumenthal's pea and ham soup "You don't like small food, do you?" That's something someone said about my eating habits a few years back. It's not completely accurate but did draw together a few of my food hates: sweetcorn, baked beans and peas. Baked beans remain the work of the devil, I'm still not really sold on sweetcorn (why does it always end up in tuna?) but over the years I have grown to accept peas. And if … Continue Reading ››