beef in beer

beef in beer I don't often go for beer-driven casseroles. But the nice people at Le Creuset asked me if I'd try this recipe out. Being a massive fan of the volcanic orange cookware I'm happy to give it a go. And it's what you want out of a February stew - rich and savoury, with meaty, comforting warmth. Served with mash it's just what this time of year needs.

Beef in beer (serves 4):

1kg beef chuck, in 5cm chunks

2 large onions, … Continue Reading ››

apple pancakes

apple pancakes with maple syrup
apple pancakes with maple syrup
Pancakes for breakfast are the perfect Sunday treat. Usually the whole family gets involved, someone peels apples, someone cracks eggs, someone whisks up the batter and someone cooks. I can almost pass it off as healthy when there's fruit involved... OK, maybe not. The presence of apples here is bittersweet against the tang of Greek yoghurt and the sticky sweetness of maple syrup, all soaked up with a fluffy pancake. Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s macaroni cheese

heston blumenthal's macaroni cheese Yes eagle-eyes, you're right: that's not macaroni in the picture. But this recipe is full of substitutions. What it tells me is this recipe has a great base from which to build on. This is Heston's recipe for macaroni cheese from How To Cook Like Heston, and is predictably very, very tasty. Like most people I usually kick cheese sauces off with a roux, but this approach melts cheese into reduced wine and stock. I'm amazed it works. I think … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s roast chicken

heston blumenthal's ultimate roast chicken Heston's latest series, How to Cook Like Heston, is probably the one that could finally convert the non-believers. It's vintage Heston treading familiar recipes, but taking them just far enough, and just explaining enough to make them accessible for those that want to try. The best example of this is roast chicken: I've previously cooked his perfect roast chicken (from Continue Reading ››

beef stroganoff

beef stroganoff I must have made beef stroganoff to a different recipe each time I've made it. There's always beef, always mushrooms, always paprika and a creamy element. But like many of the best recipes, once you hit the familiar targets the rest falls where it may. I've tried this version from Lawrence Keogh on Saturday Kitchen. The key here is the acidity brought by the white wine vinegar and white wine, which gives you a great contrast against the cream. This dish has everything going … Continue Reading ››