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mulled wine macarons

mulled wine macarons

This photo is of easily the worst one of the bunch. I figured you can Google macarons and get a million results of perfect Parisienne treats. But I bet you'd struggle to find another that looks like Audrey.

I have been very lucky - expert tuition on how to make macarons, from the excellent Waitrose Cookery not once, but twice. This time Kenwood were laying on an event to promote their Boutique range. It's … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal royal wedding trifle

heston blumenthal royal wedding trifle As soon as I saw this article detailing the Heston Blumenthal Royal Wedding trifle made in celebration of the upcoming nuptials, I knew I had to give it a go. Following the runaway success of Heston's hidden orange pudding during Christmas 2010, Waitrose commissioned the Dinner proprietor to create a refreshing Summer dessert in celebration of the wedding of Prince William and … Continue Reading ››

albondigas with patatas bravas

Tapas excites me. There, I said it. What other eating style allows you to order half a dozen dishes each and survey them like a greedy child? A dizzying array of little terracotta pots sit before you, deep with spice, wine and aroma. I had a craving for this the other day so boshed together a couple of tapas style dishes, a meaty, sweet meatball dish and some pokey, chewy patatas bravas. Albondigas in almond sauce:

500g pork mince

½ nutmeg, grated

Parsley, roughly … Continue Reading ››