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apple crumble

image This posts commemorates two firsts. Incredibly, the first time I have ever made a crumble. I can't quite figure out why; crumble was a regular fixture following my Mum's Sunday roast, and still get treated to one every now and then. I think it was rewatching all of Friday Night Dinner, where "crimble crumble" is the weekly dessert. Second, and even more incredibly, it marks the first time I read Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef. … Continue Reading ››

gorditas with apple salsa

gorditas with apple salsa, feta and veal I'd heard about these gorditas ("little fat girls") ages and ages ago and then forgot all about them. I was recently reminded they exist and decided to make them straight away. They are little cornmeal pancakes that you can use to top with anything, but with some leftover veal from Farmers Choice to use up I went for a fruity, sharp salsa and a salty feta for … Continue Reading ››

apple pancakes

apple pancakes with maple syrup
apple pancakes with maple syrup
Pancakes for breakfast are the perfect Sunday treat. Usually the whole family gets involved, someone peels apples, someone cracks eggs, someone whisks up the batter and someone cooks. I can almost pass it off as healthy when there's fruit involved... OK, maybe not. The presence of apples here is bittersweet against the tang of Greek yoghurt and the sticky sweetness of maple syrup, all soaked up with a fluffy pancake. Continue Reading ››