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roasted vegetable chilli

roasted vegetable chilli with parmesan wedges

Those lovely people at asked me to come up with a family-friendly money-saving recipe. ┬áJust for them I made roasted vegetable chilli with parmesan wedges. They filmed it to boot. Watch the whole recipe below on YouTube: roasted vegetable chilli video Fun fact: I wasn't going to make wedges, it was supposed to be polenta fingers. Unfortunately the wrong ingredients were delivered! Disaster. A quick rummage around the store cupboard and I settled on (what else) potatoes instead. Make sure you pop along to … Continue Reading ››

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette I was recently sent some recipes by Ocado written by Sophie Michell. Apparently they're under the banner of "Tweet Yourself Thin". I'm not entirely sure I got the concept of being tweeted recipes every day but I had halloumi, courgette and aubergine to use up so it hit me at the right time. And it's refreshing, zingy and tasty. It's intended to be a lunch dish but I added a wedge of baked … Continue Reading ››

chorizo pasta bake

chorizo pasta bake I was passing through Waitrose in need of a lemon Fanta after a great nine holes, when one of their recipe cards caught my eye. And this is me having a bash. There's lots of disparate parts here. but I'm a sucker for a pasta bake, and one of my favourite meats chorizo has a look in too. The results were nice, but could've been a lot better. The elements were tugging at each other, rather than coming together harmoniously. If I did … Continue Reading ››

confit byaldi

confit biyaldi My presentation's not quite there, but if you squint you might recognise this as the critic-pleasing dish from the Pixar film Ratatouille. That's technically what this recipe is, but this is it as reinvented by the chef-genius Thomas Keller, who christened it confit byaldi. Spoilers ahoy, but in a scene that should make Heston applaud, as the grouchy critic chomps down he is transported to his mother's cooking of his childhood. Evoking such memory and inspiration really makes me smile when it comes to … Continue Reading ››