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jackie kashian’s cheese penne bake

jackie kashian macaroni cheese penne bake I devour podcasts by the audio gallon. Since 2007 (late to the podcast party, I know) I've had a regular diet of banter, thought, review and revue. Many have come and gone from my queue, and I'm always happy to try new ones. A few weeks ago I discovered The Dork Forest. Hosted by comedian Jackie Kashian she indulges her weekly guest in one of their obsessions, or 'dorkdoms'. It's a lot of fun, and if … Continue Reading ››

chicken katsu with oyster noodles

chicken panko katsu on oyster noodles I do love panko breadcrumbs. The ridiculous extra crunch the Japanese breadcrumbs give is so satisfying. So I was really looking forward to chicken coated in panko when I got home. Until I realised I didn't have any eggs. The typical pane station is flour, egg, breadcrumb. But with no eggs what was I going to do? I figure all it needed was something for the breadcrumbs to stick to. So why not the chef's friend cornflour? My only problem was avoiding … Continue Reading ››

chicken katsu curry

chicken katsu curry wagamama style Whenever my son is offered a treat out to a restaurant, say for a birthday or good school report, before I've even finished the question he replies "Wagamama". And he always orders the same thing: chicken katsu curry. I've hard arguments with people on Twitter about Wagamama in the past; that it is lowest common denominator stuff, that it's Westernised muck... they are aiming at global appeal to be sure. I can't speak to its … Continue Reading ››

cauliflower macaroni cheese

image Not quite a 30 minute meal. It's simpler than that. It's yanked from Jamie's 30 minute cauliflower macaroni, chicory salad with insane dressing, and lovely stewed fruit. But I only fancied the cauliflower macaroni bit. I loused up the recipe a bit - I somehow ended up blitzing the cheese with the lovely breadcrumbs, which meant the topping was cheesy but the sauce too bland. Stupid spud. I still feel like the whole thing could use a little more seasoning though.

Cauliflower macaroni:

8 rasher … Continue Reading ››