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smokey BBQ beef hash

smokey BBQ beef hash | Big Spud I think I'm due a badge: I'm the last person in the UK to never have eaten at Nando's. If I walk past a branch around dinner or lunch there's always a queue around the block. I'm not sure why. It seemed to creep into the public consciousness out of nowhere. I'm sure it's wonderful, but I've just never felt the compulsion to try it. Therefore I was nonplussed when a bottle of Nando's Smokey BBQ sauce dropped through my letterbox. But I … Continue Reading ››

simply sausage ragu

simply sausage pasta ragu Here's a dish perfect for this time of year, but still doesn't feel like stodge-o-rama thanks to the amount of veg involved. The star ingredient is the sausage, a meaty banger from Simply Sausages. I used their No.1 Recipe Smithfield Original, a relatively unadorned sausage which gives the pork plenty of space for flavour. Mrs. Spud and I thought it was quite simply the best sausage we've ever eaten. The … Continue Reading ››

aromatic melting pork

aromatic melting pork I love pork joints a lot, but I'm in danger of doing the same thing over and over again: bung it in the oven and roast. Nothing wrong with that, but surely there's more out there? Lucky for me The Ginger Pig Meat Book plopped through my letterbox, packed with great ideas grounded in everyday cookery. The Ginger Pig Butcher's isn't somewhere I was familiar with before this book, … Continue Reading ››

30 minute beef hash with baked potatoes, green goddess salad and butter beans

jamie oliver's super-fast beef hash with butter beans I got in from work the other day and Mrs. RP beseeched me with a desperate look in her eyes: "make this. MAKE THIS NOW!" She was gesturing at the TV; Jamie Oliver had just made 'super-fast beef hash, jacket potatoes, goddess salad, lovely butter beans & bacon' on 30 Minute Meals. I admit it looked the business. 1 PVR and a flick through … Continue Reading ››