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keema chana curry

keema chana curry This was completely inspired to the ideas I'd been absorbing from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. Keeping a few pans on the go, everything cooked separately and brought together, powerful spices to give the flavours a kick... It's exactly in keeping with the way some of the Jamie recipes work. I do have one ingredient in there I'm not convinced Jamie would approve of... frozen mince and onion. But I can't ignore the time-saving this offers me. If' I'd have had coriander leaf to scatter on top, it … Continue Reading ››

curried chickpea burger

curried chickpea and cumin burger I've never really gone for vegetarian-style burgers, and yet one evening I had a curious craving for a chickpea burger. With a rummage in the cupboards I pepped them up with some curry flavour and enjoyed a substantial and tasty meal which left all thoughts of minced beef behind.

Curried chickpea burgers (makes 4):

1 can chickpeas, drained

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon breadcrumbs

1 roasted red onion*

1 heaped teaspoon curry … Continue Reading ››

spiced chorizo and chickpea stew

spiced chorizo and chickpea stew I've made variations on this before, but the one killer ingredient I've added here that I wanted to shine a spotlight on is nigella seeds. I saw a Tweet from the excellent @pearcafe, and thought the addition of nigella seeds to their soup of the day was inspired. So I threw some into this stew and it was ace. Thanks 'E'! I've never been to Bristol but if I do Continue Reading ››

roasted cauliflower rogan josh

roasted cauliflower rogan josh I've been on a mad rush of curries lately. With how much I've enjoyed Leon's crispy roast cauliflower in the past few months, it occurred to me that this method of cooking is identical to the tikka style of barbecuing the meat separate to the sauce. With the addition of lentils to make it a fuller meal and Patak's taking care of the spices, this was a glorious curry.

Roasted cauliflower rogan josh:

1 … Continue Reading ››