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turkey masala burgers

turkey masala burgers with sweet potato wedges and cauliflower pickle

A turkey isn't just for Christmas. It's for all year round.

That was the message put out by the British Turkey board. Headed up by Paul Kelly - a good Essex boy - me and a bunch of others were entertained as a guest of Cyrus Todiwala to help promote the use of turkey throughout the year. Cyrus was an affable host, preparing dinner and chatting away. We were … Continue Reading ››

olives with dates, orange and chilli

olives with dates, pine nuts and chilli

When someone says "can you do something with these olives?" I don' t need asking twice. Their bittersweet bite and salty character give me lots to work with, and I'll happily eat them every day of the week. Olives from Spain have asked me to come up with a marinade or two, and this is my favourite creation.

The filling is inspired by ma'amoul, a date-filled cookie from the middle east. … Continue Reading ››

chicken biryani

quick chicken biryani Give me a few minutes alone in someone's company, and I'll soon be asking them about their eating habits. A colleague, originally from Lahore, Pakistan was kind enough to give me a lift. We talked of food, of the curious Anglicisation of Indian cuisine and what he recognised of it. We discussed balti, dhal, obsession with gravy... and he mentioned that he'd never had biryani. A staple of his region, yet somehow it had passed him by. I love biryani. Fairly often … Continue Reading ››

express espresso chilli

express espresso chilli It's long established that cocoa bean flavours work really well with chilli, such as mole, and coffee is often added out in Mid-West America to "a bowl of red". So as part of the Lavazza Coffee, Set, Match challenge I thought I'd chuck some in a chilli today! It lends the spicy meat a dark and fruity tone, a really interesting character. It was also handy using espresso for this chilli as this was all about speed: I … Continue Reading ››