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black forest layer cake

black forest layer cake If there's a dessert I'm guaranteed to go giddy for, it's Black Forest Gateau. The combination of cherry, chocolate and cream is just perfect. And so if I see an opportunity to reinvent it, I'm there. I wanted to reuse one of my favourite recipes of this year was Russian honey cake. It's such an enjoyable technique I knew it had legs. And this black forest version proves it: the 'cake' is quite biscuity, but if you can stand to leave it … Continue Reading ››



Lavazza are sponsoring Wimbledon this year and have released a rather snazzy themed espresso machine. They sent one along for me to try out, and it's one of the neatest pod-style machines I've used. I've been necking espresso at a GP-bothering rate but not before I came up with some coffee recipes to celebrate. Here's a fudgy-textured and sweet dessert recipe to get us started: the diplomatico, the distant relative of the tiramisu lacking any kind of PR. I've blended … Continue Reading ››

chocolate banana bread

chocolate banana bread Isn't it great when things just work out? I had some bananas blackening on my windowsill, and the next day some nice person emails me a bunch of Cadbury's Fairtrade recipes, including this one for chocolate banana bread. Serendipity. I don't even particularly like bananas, but I seem to be cooking a lot with them lately. This was lovely - exactly what you'd epxect - but not quite chocolatey enough for me, so I slathered it in chocolate spread (Fairtrade of course). … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s exploding chocolate gateau

heston blumenthal's exploding chocolate and passion fruit popping candy cake AKA Heston's chocolate and passion fruit popping candy cake. At New year I treated myself to Heston's popping candy cake, which costs an absolute fortune, even on half price sale, but the results were amazing: bitter, sweet, chocolatey and of course popping! I was contemplating recreating it when it pops up on How To Cook … Continue Reading ››