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whole pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

slice of pumpkin pie With a gift of a pumpkin under my arm, riding the train back into Essex was difficult that evening. I was spurred on by the thought of what to do with it by Spud Jr. sending me a link to a video recipe for pumpkin pie. I'm not sure I'd ever had it before so it seemed like a good idea as any. I used a couple of tricks from the Heston lemon tart to make it as … Continue Reading ››

mulled wine macarons

mulled wine macarons

This photo is of easily the worst one of the bunch. I figured you can Google macarons and get a million results of perfect Parisienne treats. But I bet you'd struggle to find another that looks like Audrey.

I have been very lucky - expert tuition on how to make macarons, from the excellent Waitrose Cookery not once, but twice. This time Kenwood were laying on an event to promote their Boutique range. It's … Continue Reading ››

empire chicken with indian gravy and bombay roasties

empire chicken with indian roasties What a triumph this is. Just when I was feeling a bit indifferent to Jamie Oliver's Great Britain along comes this absolute belter. Jamie introduces this by saying most people when asked about their favourite foods will mention roast chicken and curries, and this utterly unites the heart of both of these. With blackened, tangy skin the chicken comes out juicy and tickling on the tongue, although be warned it … Continue Reading ››

boozy milk

boozy milk A rare evening alone; everyone had disappeared to bed. So I did what every self-respecting man does: catch up on recorded TV, eat crisps and er, flick through the latest cookbook. I'd been sent a copy of Hungry?, the third recipe book from the cheeky chaps at Innocent. It's a family-friendly cookbook, with loads of great reliable recipes made from decent ingredients. I'll certainly be featuring a few in the coming weeks. … Continue Reading ››