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roasted vegetable chilli

roasted vegetable chilli with parmesan wedges

Those lovely people at asked me to come up with a family-friendly money-saving recipe.  Just for them I made roasted vegetable chilli with parmesan wedges. They filmed it to boot. Watch the whole recipe below on YouTube: roasted vegetable chilli video Fun fact: I wasn't going to make wedges, it was supposed to be polenta fingers. Unfortunately the wrong ingredients were delivered! Disaster. A quick rummage around the store cupboard and I settled on (what else) potatoes instead. Make sure you pop along to … Continue Reading ››

turkey and courgette meatballs

turkey and courgette meatballs student-survival-guideIn another one of my recipes for students, I've taken inspiration from the wonderful Ottolenghi. In his latest book (Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi (Ebury Press, £27)) he and long-time collaborator Sami Tamimi return to their home town of Jerusalem to reminisce on the food gems of their youth. It's full of wonderful recipes and ideas, and generally speaking most of the recipes are thrifty and homely in nature. This recipe … Continue Reading ››

courgette carbonara

courgette carbonara I am utterly aghast that I have not blogged this before. I must've made it half a dozen times and it never fails to delight, yet somehow it fell through the cracks. I was chatting with a colleague that I was having this for dinner and she asked if it was on my blog. "Of course," I said, "I've cooked it loads of times." And yet there it wasn't. This is a great twist on carbonara. It always nags at me that these delicious … Continue Reading ››

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette

halloumi, courgette and aubergine with tomato vinaigrette I was recently sent some recipes by Ocado written by Sophie Michell. Apparently they're under the banner of "Tweet Yourself Thin". I'm not entirely sure I got the concept of being tweeted recipes every day but I had halloumi, courgette and aubergine to use up so it hit me at the right time. And it's refreshing, zingy and tasty. It's intended to be a lunch dish but I added a wedge of baked … Continue Reading ››