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parmesan chicken with potato and sprout gratin

crispy parmesan chicken with sprout gratin Yes! It's sprout season again. Please don't just boil them and leave them alone, there's so much more to the little farty ball. Like here, a Brussels Sprout gratin baked with potatoes and cream for a great side dish. I was chuffed with how everything turned out save for one flaw. To quote Michel Roux Jr "where's the sauce?!" It needed a meaty gravy just to lend a little more moisture. But beyond that, it was dead good. A sprout is for Winter, … Continue Reading ››

black forest trifle

black forest trifle When making this, I had to search my blog in case I'd made something like this before. I have a severe weakness for 'black forest'-flavoured things and I appear to have 4 separate choc-cherry desserts in my collection! This one has been back and forth with In Search of Heston and me, we've noticed how obsessed Heston Blumenthal is with both Black Forest things. and trifle. There was one made for Waitrose but to … Continue Reading ››

devonshire splits

devonshire splits with clotted cream and strawberry jamApparently these are traditional - can't say I'd ever heard of them. I made them to take round a friend's house for tea and they certainly didn't last like. Like a scone, but more like bread. Based on a Waitrose recipe.

Devonshire splits (makes 12):

500g rice flour

½ teaspoon salt

25g caster sugar

1 x 7g sachet yeast

25g unsalted butter, melted

300ml milk

Clotted cream, jam and icing sugar … Continue Reading ››

butternut squash puree

It's that time of year when squashes are abundant. When the glory days of pumpkins on 31st October are over there's still the butternut squashes, acorn, onion, gem, spaghetti... I've probably had squash three times in the past week, different every time. Whether it's blitzed for a pasta sauce, roasted with sausages or thinly sliced and fried, I am a fan. But I'd never made a puree. Ever popular with the Mastercheferati, I thought it was worth a go. I was very pleased with … Continue Reading ››