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southeast spatchcock chook with booze-braised sweetcorn

southeast spatchcock chook For Mrs. Spud's birthday and the weather hitting decent heights at last, I wanted to come up with a BBQ featuring some special treats. I thought about cooking a whole chicken and grilling some sweetcorn.
Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible
Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible
Thankfully experimenting with the barbecue is really taking off in this country. We've always lacked the predictable weather and sustained dry spells to really explore but we're gradually catching on. The explosion … Continue Reading ››

chicken katsu with oyster noodles

chicken panko katsu on oyster noodles I do love panko breadcrumbs. The ridiculous extra crunch the Japanese breadcrumbs give is so satisfying. So I was really looking forward to chicken coated in panko when I got home. Until I realised I didn't have any eggs. The typical pane station is flour, egg, breadcrumb. But with no eggs what was I going to do? I figure all it needed was something for the breadcrumbs to stick to. So why not the chef's friend cornflour? My only problem was avoiding … Continue Reading ››

tuna with greens and coconut rice

tuna with greens and coconut rice I'm certain people who cook a lot, like me, ponder something along these lines: when you really enjoy a dinner, one that you made, what made it special? Was it the choice ingredients, or the exotic technique you used... or was it the company?┬áHeston talks often about this theory - the atmosphere of a meal - and how you can recapture it. It's often impossible. I love having friends over for dinner. This occasion was a reunion of very old colleagues who … Continue Reading ››

keema chana curry

keema chana curry This was completely inspired to the ideas I'd been absorbing from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. Keeping a few pans on the go, everything cooked separately and brought together, powerful spices to give the flavours a kick... It's exactly in keeping with the way some of the Jamie recipes work. I do have one ingredient in there I'm not convinced Jamie would approve of... frozen mince and onion. But I can't ignore the time-saving this offers me. If' I'd have had coriander leaf to scatter on top, it … Continue Reading ››

butternut squash puree

It's that time of year when squashes are abundant. When the glory days of pumpkins on 31st October are over there's still the butternut squashes, acorn, onion, gem, spaghetti... I've probably had squash three times in the past week, different every time. Whether it's blitzed for a pasta sauce, roasted with sausages or thinly sliced and fried, I am a fan. But I'd never made a puree. Ever popular with the Mastercheferati, I thought it was worth a go. I was very pleased with … Continue Reading ››