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fry up in a cup easy breakfast

fry up in a cup

I do love a full English, but obviously isn't something you can indulge in too often, so here's another way to get your bacon-mushroom-toast-egg fix. You just need some little ramekins, darioles or if you're not middle-class, teacups. I call it a fry-up-in-a-cup! fry up in a cup - bacon, egg, mushroom, bread The mushrooms and bacon require a tiny bit of pre-cooking to get them started, but after that you stuff everything into a cup and bake it. Bread at the bottom forms a little base, and bacon creates … Continue Reading ››

bbt tortilla

bacon broccoli tomato tortilla What a great year it's been for tomatoes. The plants in my garden have been raving with fruit, and they've been bursting with sweetness. A really bumper crop. Most of them have ended up in pasta sauce and pizza topping but these ones were deserving of a little more. And so I happened across a recipe for a "BLT tortilla" in the SORTED cookbook but didn't fancy rocket in mine, so some frozen broccoli jumped … Continue Reading ››

chocolate and passion fruit baked alaska

dark chocolate baked alaska
Photo copyright Waitrose
What a show-stopper this recipe is. How I came to get the recipe is still utterly bewildering to me. Would you like to go to the Waitrose Cookery School and have Heston Blumenthal cook for you? Um, let me think about that fo- yes please. So I rock up, where they are filming an Easter show for Waitrose TV. I've been to the Cookery School a couple of times before, but not in these … Continue Reading ››

mulled wine macarons

mulled wine macarons

This photo is of easily the worst one of the bunch. I figured you can Google macarons and get a million results of perfect Parisienne treats. But I bet you'd struggle to find another that looks like Audrey.

I have been very lucky - expert tuition on how to make macarons, from the excellent Waitrose Cookery not once, but twice. This time Kenwood were laying on an event to promote their Boutique range. It's … Continue Reading ››