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black bean roasted pork belly

black bean roast pork belly

black bean roast pork belly If you're a carnivore, I hope you like pork belly. When treated right, it's dream-like: crisp, puffed-up skin that crunches to the tooth; the layer of creamy, wibbly fat; and the tender, succulent flesh. Here I've chosen to coat it with black bean sauce to amp up the savoury notes. Read on for the recipe.
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kitchen wizz pro review

kitchen wizz pro food processor: one year on review

This is an update from my original Sage by Heston Blumenthal Kitchen Wizz Pro food processor review. To see the original click here. sage by heston food processor When you first get a new toy, you can get quite giddy about it. You'll use every feature, you'll tell all your friends about it, you'll use it non-stop for two weeks. But do you keep using it? That's the trick, isn't it. Kitchen gadgets are notorious for gathering dust after the initial … Continue Reading ››

recent rumblings: a round up

It's been a while since I rolled up the latest stuff I've been up to, so here goes! Weird Ingredients 12 Weird Things Heston Ble I couldn't resist rounding up 12 weird things Heston has cooked with and listed them over at Buzzfeed here. Includes Devil's Penis. Go check it out! Five Guys UK five guys UK bacon cheeeseburger all the way Oh lordy. This was a burger. Five Guys invited me to their first UK restaurant outside of London, based in Essex … Continue Reading ››
fry up in a cup easy breakfast

fry up in a cup

I do love a full English, but obviously isn't something you can indulge in too often, so here's another way to get your bacon-mushroom-toast-egg fix. You just need some little ramekins, darioles or if you're not middle-class, teacups. I call it a fry-up-in-a-cup! fry up in a cup - bacon, egg, mushroom, bread The mushrooms and bacon require a tiny bit of pre-cooking to get them started, but after that you stuff everything into a cup and bake it. Bread at the bottom forms a little base, and bacon creates … Continue Reading ››
sage by heston deep fat fryer

heston blumenthal deep fat fryer review

sage by heston deep fat fryer I've dabbled with deep fat fryers in the past. I've often found them smelly and a pain to keep clean. One of mine in the past even burned a hole into its back! I tried out the Sage by Heston Deep Fat Fryer recently. Like most things in the range, it's a proper man-toy. All brushed steel and digital displays; it's not exactly pink and fluffy. Features-wise it prides itself on preset timings for various common foods. There are settings for a few things and in … Continue Reading ››