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what’s the latest? a roundup

It’s been a super-busy time at BigSpud towers. Here’s some things I’ve been up to lately… Lubera Lubera are an online garden store specialising in fruit and veg. I was sent a sample of their Circe apple juice and a beautiful Redlove Circe apple tree which has found it’s way into my garden. Lubera off all sorts of fruit and vegetables […]

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budget friendly kitchen makeover

Budget friendly kitchen makeover

Being a daily cook, avid user of kitchen gadgets and all-round food fanatic, I have some very grand ideas for my kitchen. My current kitchen was built in 2000 and hasn’t changed structurally since then. In my wildest dreams, a wall needs to come down over there, an appliance needs to move here… all big changes. Finance doesn’t really allow me to fulfil these […]

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