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an evening with antonio carluccio and cirio tomatoes

Have you ever watched the series Antonio Carluccio’s Italian Feast? No? Well, watch this episode. It’ll only take 29 minutes. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. What did you think? Good innit? This series utterly captivated me when I first saw it in the nineties. This avuncular, wiry haired gent with the most stereotypical Italian accent plodded around Italy cooking from the grandest […]

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what’s the latest? a roundup

It’s been a super-busy time at BigSpud towers. Here’s some things I’ve been up to lately… Lubera Lubera are an online garden store specialising in fruit and veg. I was sent a sample of their Circe apple juice and a beautiful Redlove Circe apple tree which has found it’s way into my garden. Lubera off all sorts of fruit and vegetables […]

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