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roasted pepper and garlic gnocchi with feta

When you're trying to cook to a budget potato gnocchi is a great choice: just a few of them go a long way. Their bland nature makes them a great foil for any strong flavours. I'm a big fan of roasting vegetables so this is a super combo. student-survival-guideThis is warming, filling, and doesn't feel frugal! There's lots going on with sharp, salty cheese; soft, toothsome gnocchi and rich, sweet roasted red peppers. Approximate cost ¬†for main ingredients, excludes storecupboard … Continue Reading ››

chestnut gnocchi

gnocchi and mushrooms in chestnut marsala sauce I absolutely love Two Greedy Italians. Not only are Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio the most avuncular and affable guys on TV, joshing and fondly trading insults, they also serve up some jaw-droppingly good Italian food. In the series where they tour Italy, revisiting places of their youth and being tourists everywhere else the former colleagues eat their way through just about every culinary region of … Continue Reading ››

an interesting gnocchi recipe

The title's ironic, OK? I posted on Facebook that I was "looking for an interesting gnocchi recipe", and that a couple of days later I had "found an interesting gnocchi recipe". Three separate people asked me about - it's easy to forget the reach that Facebook has.

Anywho, it's dead easy. First I fry some spinach with a little sliced garlic until all straggly, then season and add nutmeg before removing to one side to cool. Once it's cooled I … Continue Reading ››