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beef madras

beef madras curry from sorted food YouTube is quickly giving rise to a whole new breed of superstar; the self-made vlogger. From NineBrassMonkeys to Periodic Videos, if you've got something to say there's a place for your voice. And if people like you, you'll build a following (a quick shout out to my great mate MeganIsSleeping - go watch, subscribe and like!). This of course allows room for all hobbies, including food and … Continue Reading ››

chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee

chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee I've always wondered what fricassée meant (I had to google "wiki fricassee" to find that. Try saying it out loud, it's fun), and making this recipe meant I finally looked it up: poultry stew in gravy thickened with dairy. I've strayed a little from that definition in making this but I hope it'll do. I came to this recipe via Port Salut. It's a cheese I'd almost … Continue Reading ››

leek and potato soup

leek and potato soup It's June and I'm writing about leek and potato soup. Bloody June. The weather has been truly atrocious this year in England and so instead of craving salads and light meals I want soup. So I have some, and to cheer myself up gild it with all manner of little touches to try and make it my ultimate leek and potato soup. I keep the stiff green tops and simmer them in the stock, I keep the potato peelings … Continue Reading ››

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy mustard mash This is largely based on a recipe from Jamie's 30-Minute Meals (yes, I still haven't cooked them all) but without the crazy Ryvita-apple salad (?). I'll be honest: the only reason I made it was to have a squirly-whirly sausage which somehow makes me grin more than regular daisy-chained sausages. But the leek gravy is the surprise star, all sweet and silky. I've added … Continue Reading ››