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lemon and black pepper olive pork

lemon and pepper olive pork steaks

My family can't get enough of olives. So when Olives from Spain sent me a bunch of ingredients to try to create a marinade for olives I set to it right away. There was an almost embarrassing selection of things to try, but I kept going back to, of all things, the lemon. Paired with it's old friend, black pepper and just a hint of clove to reinforce the spice this works lovely with fatty … Continue Reading ››

pinot grigio potatoes

image Shock, horror! Another roast potato recipe on this blog. What an anomaly. Of course it isn't, I've got roast potato recipes here, here and here for starters. But this was another twist, derived from cooking Heston's perfect chicken (again). The chicken there is treated with a boozy butter baste. I'd gone a bit crazy and made too much, so decided to slather it on the potatoes. And with a little lemon and garlic to … Continue Reading ››

turkey and courgette meatballs

turkey and courgette meatballs student-survival-guideIn another one of my recipes for students, I've taken inspiration from the wonderful Ottolenghi. In his latest book (Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi (Ebury Press, £27)) he and long-time collaborator Sami Tamimi return to their home town of Jerusalem to reminisce on the food gems of their youth. It's full of wonderful recipes and ideas, and generally speaking most of the recipes are thrifty and homely in nature. This recipe … Continue Reading ››

lemon chicken on crispy noodles

lemon chicken on crispy noodles student-survival-guideNot having money sucks. Worse still, not having money and really enjoying food sucks. The time you most notice this is when you're a student. Most Wanted, the magazine for has asked me to come up with some recipes that are frugal but hopefully don't feel like it! The first of these is lemon chicken on crispy noodles. It's inspired by a Ken Hom recipe that's … Continue Reading ››