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heston’s tagliata steak and salad

I’ve already devoted about a thousand words’ worth of wittering to how I like my steak. I have a well-practised and enjoyed technique which serves me very well. I’m not likely to modify it much for anything. And then Heston sodding Blumenthal goes and does it differently, doesn’t he? You know, that guy of whom I think the sun shines […]

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tournedos rossini

Some days of the year call for pure luxury, and I think New Year’s Day should be one of them. This renegade of the 70s is a favourite of mine in a decent old-fashioned restaurant, and is complete indulgence. In essence it’s fillet steak, sitting on pate and a crouton, in a red wine sauce. Traditionally it calls for foie […]

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best steak

Like many meat-eaters, I don’t think you can get much better than a steak. But not just a steak, a steak cooked very, very well. I’ve prepared steak many times, desperate for perfection each time. I’ve picked up dozens of tips over the years that I’ve spent in pursuit of ultimate beef eating. After many failures (many failures) I’m very […]

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