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black bean roast pork belly

black bean roasted pork belly

If you’re a carnivore, I hope you like pork belly. When treated right, it’s dream-like: crisp, puffed-up skin that crunches to the tooth; the layer of creamy, wibbly fat; and the tender, succulent flesh. Here I’ve chosen to coat it with black bean sauce to amp up the savoury notes. Read on for the recipe. Want more like this? Never miss a post from […]

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fry up in a cup

fry up in a cup easy breakfast

I do love a full English, but obviously isn’t something you can indulge in too often, so here’s another way to get your bacon-mushroom-toast-egg fix. You just need some little ramekins, darioles or if you’re not middle-class, teacups. I call it a fry-up-in-a-cup! The mushrooms and bacon require a tiny bit of pre-cooking to get them started, but after that you stuff […]

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