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chorizo calzone

chorizo calzone I had half the dough left over from pesto pizza, and it occurred to me that I'd never made one of my favourite Italian foods: calzone. That lovely folded pizza, like a Cornish pasty spending a gap year travelling. I was bowled over by how tasty it was. It really was great, especially when paired with a zingy mustardy salad.

Chorizo calzone:

For the dough (makes 2 x 30cm pizzas; I used half for two calzones):

500g … Continue Reading ››


smoking mozzarella in a wok An upcoming Ottolenghi recipe calls for scamorza, or smoked mozzarella. You can buy it, but I thought "pfft. I'll smoke it myself". I don't actually own a smoker, yet recipes not involving them don't really seem to exist that I could find. What I could find is that pecan nuts are the main smoking ingredient. My mind wandered to the Chinese method of smoking duck and chicken breast, suspending them over tea-leaves and other aromatics. You need a … Continue Reading ››

moorish pork chops with marinated mozzarella & tomato salad

A tale of two halves here: cheeky Essex boy meets Eastern-influenced vegophile. Jamie Oliver's current series Jamie Does... visits different cities and squeezes the food out of them. I've scribbled quite a few of them down, but his recent Andalucian pork chop recipe really connected with me. He cut a slit in a pork chop, then stuffed it with a juicy raisin stuffing. Mine is simplified to my store-cupboard. I … Continue Reading ››