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turkey masala burgers

turkey masala burgers with sweet potato wedges and cauliflower pickle

A turkey isn't just for Christmas. It's for all year round.

That was the message put out by the British Turkey board. Headed up by Paul Kelly - a good Essex boy - me and a bunch of others were entertained as a guest of Cyrus Todiwala to help promote the use of turkey throughout the year. Cyrus was an affable host, preparing dinner and chatting away. We were … Continue Reading ››

keema chana curry

keema chana curry This was completely inspired to the ideas I'd been absorbing from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals. Keeping a few pans on the go, everything cooked separately and brought together, powerful spices to give the flavours a kick... It's exactly in keeping with the way some of the Jamie recipes work. I do have one ingredient in there I'm not convinced Jamie would approve of... frozen mince and onion. But I can't ignore the time-saving this offers me. If' I'd have had coriander leaf to scatter on top, it … Continue Reading ››

masala cheese scones

curried masala cheese scones I'd been treated to a big lunch and knew I wouldn't want a full dinner. But what to have? On the walk home from the station I got a craving for cheese scones. A hot scone or two with a little butter melting on them... yes! When I got in there was a little package of cheese waiting for me from Joseph Heler. It was "Red Leicester with Authentic Indian Chutney", traditional English cheese flavoured … Continue Reading ››

diamond jubilee chicken

heston blumenthal's diamond jubilee chicken Another year, another royal celebration, another round of special dishes by Heston Blumenthal. Following last year's trifle to commemorate the royal wedding, this year Heston produced a panoply of picnicky treats. I've had a stab at one here: Diamond Jubilee Chicken. I'm really not a fan of coronation chicken, the dish originally commissioned for the Queen's coronation. For me … Continue Reading ››

spiced chorizo and chickpea stew

spiced chorizo and chickpea stew I've made variations on this before, but the one killer ingredient I've added here that I wanted to shine a spotlight on is nigella seeds. I saw a Tweet from the excellent @pearcafe, and thought the addition of nigella seeds to their soup of the day was inspired. So I threw some into this stew and it was ace. Thanks 'E'! I've never been to Bristol but if I do Continue Reading ››