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stuffed ballotine of turkey

november round-up

foodurchin thanksgiving spreadThis is a round-up of bits and pieces, favourite things from November 2013 and other odds and end I've been sent to cast a critical eye over. Roasted veg chilli: the month kicked off with something a little different: BigSpud on video! In co-promotion with VoucherCodes, watch me cook a vegetable chilli. Frying Tonight: I tried out a couple of fryers, a Delonghi deep-fat fryer and a Tefal ActiFry. … Continue Reading ››


mayonnaise Regular readers of this recipe rolodex may be quite surprised to learn that I've never made my own mayonnaise. One more reading of Nigel Slater's Appetitenagged at me to do so, so I did. I was wary of the whole splitting thing but luckily did not encounter any of the emulsion demons. I gathered about half a dozen different recipes and picked and choosed my favourite parts of all of them. How many eggs? Which oil? To … Continue Reading ››