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crispy polenta fries

polenta fries

I felt like something different for a recent barbecue. Much as I like wedges or caesar salads sometimes it’s good to ring the changes. How about some crispy polenta fries? They go great with just about anything! I use quick cook polenta, made up a little firmer than usual. Leave to set in the fridge, carve, breadcrumb and fry. One […]

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bbt tortilla

What a great year it’s been for tomatoes. The plants in my garden have been raving with fruit, and they’ve been bursting with sweetness. A really bumper crop. Most of them have ended up in pasta sauce and pizza topping but these ones were deserving of a little more. And so I happened across a recipe for a “BLT tortilla” […]

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spaghetti with truffles

Some good friends gave me some Carluccio’s black truffles as a gift; the least I could do was serve it back to them. I thought this recipe would be one that Carluccio himself would be pleased with as it has minimal ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes. Mof-mof indeed. Spaghetti with truffles (serves 4): 250g spaghetti (fancy bronze-die cut […]

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