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summer veg lasagne

summer veg lasagne I always mean to try interesting lasagna recipes - ones that aren't classic lasagne al forno that is - but when I come to cook it I can't resist meaty, tomatoey rich ragu topped with creamy bechamel. It takes Jamie Oliver to convince me to try it another way. This Summer veg lasagne is inspired by one from his 30 Minute Meals book. It's perfect for the Summer months and ideal … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s pea and ham soup

heston blumenthal's pea and ham soup "You don't like small food, do you?" That's something someone said about my eating habits a few years back. It's not completely accurate but did draw together a few of my food hates: sweetcorn, baked beans and peas. Baked beans remain the work of the devil, I'm still not really sold on sweetcorn (why does it always end up in tuna?) but over the years I have grown to accept peas. And if … Continue Reading ››

cottage pie with vegetable mash topping

cottage pie with vegetable mash topping I've been trying out Sainsbury's 'Feed Your Family for £50' meal planner lately, and this recipe is a real crowd-pleaser: tasty mince with piles of mashy veg on top. Have you tried any of the recipes or the whole Meal Plan? If so let Sainsbury's know. Very soon they'll be giving you the chance to win a £50 meal plan and put it to the test, feeding your family … Continue Reading ››