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roast lamb

lamb and veg pie

leftover lamb and veg pie Sainsbury's are currently pushing us to make more of your leftovers. Growing up, we always had a roast on a Sunday and leftovers for the next day or two afterwards. As often as I can, I like to do the same. I think it's well worth spending a little more, buying a larger joint with the assumption there will be 3, 4 or possibly 5 dinners out of the one roasting joint! That's the case with this lamb and veg pie, made … Continue Reading ››

patchwork pie

patchwork beef pie

I was coming home on the train and decided it would be pie or nothing for dinner. Luckily all the ingredients were on hand. Patchwork for two reasons: I had some squares of puff pastry to use because I'd absent-mindedly cut loads more than I need when making sausage rolls; and ended up using a hodge-podge of all odds and ends things I like.

Patchwork pie (serves 4 - 5):

500g beef mince

100g mushrooms, sliced

1 sprig rosemary, leaves picked

1 … Continue Reading ››

turkey and mushroom pie

turkey and mushroom pie What's that you say? You have leftovers from Christmas Day? Unheard of. Previously I've made Jamie's sweet leek pie with leftover poultry and it's brill. Using that as an inspiration I made a mushroom version and it's just as good.

Turkey and mushroom pie (serves 4 - 6):

1 onion, diced

1 sprig rosemary, leaves picked and chopped

300g chestnut mushrooms, sliced

Christmas dinner leftovers, about 800g (I … Continue Reading ››

kate & wills jamie oliver beef pie

kate and wills beef pie Y'know when Jamie's on his thing? Going for it like a nutter and saying this recipe is the best thing ever? Well I got caught up in his craziness and decided to make this, the kitchen sink of beef pies. I made a tiny change in substituting stout for red wine (can't abide beer / lager etc in pies - beer batter on fish is just vile) but other than that it's the same. This recipe from Jamie's … Continue Reading ››

steak and mushroom pie

steak and mushroom pie I possess the world's worst hands for handling pastry. Fact. These hot hams won't be churning out mille feuille any time soon. So I tried my best at one of these recipe ideas from BakingMad using simple old short crust. I made a few changes to make sure the meat was completely tender and gave it a cheese-flavoured savoury pastry that just finished it off nicely. I handled the … Continue Reading ››