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olives with dates, orange and chilli

olives with dates, pine nuts and chilli

When someone says "can you do something with these olives?" I don' t need asking twice. Their bittersweet bite and salty character give me lots to work with, and I'll happily eat them every day of the week. Olives from Spain have asked me to come up with a marinade or two, and this is my favourite creation.

The filling is inspired by ma'amoul, a date-filled cookie from the middle east. … Continue Reading ››

pesto pizza

pesto pizza I was set a challenge by Domino's to come up with a home-made alternative to the newest addition to their online pizza menu – the Double Decadence Basil Burst. Their creation is a crazy double-decker affair of pesto-style sauce sandwich between two bases, then tomato sauce on top with the usual toppings. Layers and layers of complexity. Bonkers. My response is to go the other way and pull it right back as simple as possible: a lovely chewy, crusty pizza … Continue Reading ››


pesto in my beloved pestle and mortar Pesto epitomises my favourite foods: it simultaneously celebrates the individual ingredients and yet comes together to create an exciting new taste. If that wasn't good enough, the sauce is ready before the pasta's boiled. I don't know who first had the idea for this, but they are worth applauding. It's not much of a recipe, my son can rattle off the ingredients: garlic, basil, parmesan, pine nuts, all bashed up together and then your best … Continue Reading ››