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roast potatoes

why i like potatoes so much

You may have noticed, but I rather like potatoes. I'm intrigued by the characteristics of different varieties. I like that the flavour can be earthy yet light. That there are great recipes for all seasons. That it's the backbone of so many Western meals. And it's in the roast potato that I get most intrigued. That balance between crisp and soft, with the perfect surface for taking on gravy. Now that reminds me... You probably have some childhood routines in your house that you assume everybody has. It's not until you get older it dawns on … Continue Reading ››
deep fried chips versus tefal actifry chips

chip face-off: tefal actifry vs delonghi deep fat fryer

delonghi total clean fryer and tefal actifry
Delonghi Total Clean deep fat fryer (left) and Tefal ActiFry (right)
You might've figured out by now that I'm a potato guy. I do love a deep fried chip, but I hate the smell and faff associated with a deep fat fryer. When you've had chips in a deep fat fryer, you know about it for the next few days as the fried smell gets into everything. I've owned them in the past but dealing with the odour, … Continue Reading ››

hei hei wedges

hei hei salt gbk style wedges Here's a recipe for hei hei salt GBK style. I found myself in GBK at the weekend. It was supposed to be family lunch at Las Iguanas, but a few seconds of appalling customer service had me trundle a few steps down Lakeside's Boardwalk to the burger parlour. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it - a tasty "Capital" cheeseburger with standard accompaniments, a choice of brioche or regular sesame seed bun and all the monkey nuts you can … Continue Reading ››