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hei hei wedges

hei hei wedges I found myself in GBK at the weekend. It was supposed to be family lunch at Las Iguanas, but a few seconds of appalling customer service had me trundle a few steps down Lakeside's Boardwalk to the burger parlour. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it - a tasty "Capital" cheeseburger with standard accompaniments, a choice of brioche or regular sesame seed bun and all the monkey nuts you can eat. But the shoestring fries were great, particularly when you shake … Continue Reading ››

garlic and bacon potato gratin

image We get through buckets of mayonnaise in this house. I kinda like it - particularly with store-bought pizza for reasons I don't understand - but the rest of the family demolish it. If my son was asked the legendary question: "you're handed a sausage sandwich. Will it be red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all?" he'd reply mayonnaise in a heartbeat. So to receive some samples from Hellman's of their flavoured mayonnaises was set upon by … Continue Reading ››

braised dexter veal with roasted red potatoes

braised dexter veal with roasted red potatoes   I really, really love veal. I sigh in despair when I raise the subject of veal and people suck air through their teeth with a "oooh, but it's so cruel" expression. Veal has a major PR disaster to recover from in this country before it gets welcomed back into kitchens. So when Farmison sent me some topside veal to cook with, I punched the air. Any excuse to use it … Continue Reading ››