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roast potato

Here it is, the eponymous food of the blog. These were exceptional specimens too. Everyone has their own method for roast potato, though that stems from how you like your spuds. Me? Fluffy inside, dark and crisp outside. The science to this is that it’s surface area that collects fat – and therefore crispiness – so you want to maximise […]

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hot pot

Not mucking about now – this is proper winter food. It’s very simple and fills like few other dishes. I use lamb neck fillet, which I’ve espoused the glory of before. It’s diced and layered here with onion rings, sliced potatoes (sod peeling), and diced carrot. Each layer is seasoned and dashed with chopped rosemary. Finally lamb stock is poured […]

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potato salad with sausage

Those Matheson’s sausages in a vacuum bag – great aren’t they? Of dubious provenance but undoubted flavour. Great in a sandwich with mustard, yum. Or here, where they are pressed into service into a potato salad to convert it into a main meal. There’s boiled new potatoes in there (really!), cooked green beans, fried onions and sausage, tumbled with a […]

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