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pain au raisin

pain au raisin I'd had a big lunch and didn't fancy dinner. I know, I'll make pain au raisin. Not that I had much of an idea where to start; digging through some old magazines I found a great article on making your own danish pastries. Turns out it's a lot like making croissants: tons of butter rolled into puff pastry. Roll, fold, rest, roll, fold, rest... lots of interim rolling stages. But was it worth it? Sure they were tasty (anything with that much butter and sugar hasContinue Reading ››

moorish pork chops with marinated mozzarella & tomato salad

A tale of two halves here: cheeky Essex boy meets Eastern-influenced vegophile. Jamie Oliver's current series Jamie Does... visits different cities and squeezes the food out of them. I've scribbled quite a few of them down, but his recent Andalucian pork chop recipe really connected with me. He cut a slit in a pork chop, then stuffed it with a juicy raisin stuffing. Mine is simplified to my store-cupboard. I … Continue Reading ››