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lamb & potatoes boulangere

l & p (lamb & potatoes)

lea & perrins lamb & potatoes

This recipe is a take on a boulangere, potatoes simmered in stock. Made with leftover roast lamb coated in Lea & Perrins what else could I call it but "L&P", lamb & potatoes. It could be made just as well with beef and slipping a few bits of veg in there wouldn't go amiss. I served mine with peas in mint butter, and a blob of pickled red cabbage. I'm not sure I don't ever have a bottle of Lea … Continue Reading ››

potted duck

heston blumenthal's potted duck It's been something of a duck week. I nearly picked up two duck breasts at the weekend, but when they cost £7 and a whole duck cost £8, it seemed a false economy (as buying meat portions almost always is). So after enjoying some lovely roasted duck breasts with red wine sauce and sauté potatoes, what to do with the rest of the duck? Heston had a bloomin' good suggestion in Heston at Home: potted duck. … Continue Reading ››

patchwork pie

patchwork beef pie

I was coming home on the train and decided it would be pie or nothing for dinner. Luckily all the ingredients were on hand. Patchwork for two reasons: I had some squares of puff pastry to use because I'd absent-mindedly cut loads more than I need when making sausage rolls; and ended up using a hodge-podge of all odds and ends things I like.

Patchwork pie (serves 4 - 5):

500g beef mince

100g mushrooms, sliced

1 sprig rosemary, leaves picked

1 … Continue Reading ››

shallot and rosemary foccacia

shallot and rosemary foccacia This is a cracking bread recipe, perfect with dips and spreads. One of those that can be tweaked according to what you're in the mood for. I've also used it as pizza base and it's great there too.

Shallot and rosemary foccacia (makes a loaf about 20cm square):

750g plain flour

15g salt

½ teaspoon sugar

2 x 7g sachets yeast

About 500ml tepid water

5 tablespoons olive oil

2 sprigs rosemary

1 large shallot, sliced into rings

  1. Chop the … Continue Reading ››