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tom kerridge salt beef bagels

salt beef bagels

tom kerridge salt beef brisket I've been enjoying Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food, a series where the affable chef cooks some of his favourite dishes. It's got some great ideas and tips, and a decent range. I don't think anything's going to top the brisket from the first episode, a sandwich piled high with pickles and other goodies. "You can buy salt beef, but I've made my own" got my attention. The Tom Kerridge salt beef was thick and flaky so I … Continue Reading ››

southeast spatchcock chook with booze-braised sweetcorn

southeast spatchcock chook For Mrs. Spud's birthday and the weather hitting decent heights at last, I wanted to come up with a BBQ featuring some special treats. I thought about cooking a whole chicken and grilling some sweetcorn.
Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible
Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible
Thankfully experimenting with the barbecue is really taking off in this country. We've always lacked the predictable weather and sustained dry spells to really explore but we're gradually catching on. The explosion … Continue Reading ››

potted duck

heston blumenthal's potted duck It's been something of a duck week. I nearly picked up two duck breasts at the weekend, but when they cost £7 and a whole duck cost £8, it seemed a false economy (as buying meat portions almost always is). So after enjoying some lovely roasted duck breasts with red wine sauce and sauté potatoes, what to do with the rest of the duck? Heston had a bloomin' good suggestion in Heston at Home: potted duck. … Continue Reading ››

dry-brined turkey with orange

dry-brined turkey with orange The bird only fit for one month of the year is back! December is of course month of the turkey (I've tried to buy a turkey at other points in the year and it costs a fortune). I'd been very pleased with brining a whole turkey last year and was all set to do the same again. Just as I filled my enormous container ready to bath, I started flicking through a few online articles just for any … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s roast chicken

heston blumenthal's ultimate roast chicken Heston's latest series, How to Cook Like Heston, is probably the one that could finally convert the non-believers. It's vintage Heston treading familiar recipes, but taking them just far enough, and just explaining enough to make them accessible for those that want to try. The best example of this is roast chicken: I've previously cooked his perfect roast chicken (from Continue Reading ››