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tuna with greens and coconut rice

tuna with greens and coconut rice I'm certain people who cook a lot, like me, ponder something along these lines: when you really enjoy a dinner, one that you made, what made it special? Was it the choice ingredients, or the exotic technique you used... or was it the company? Heston talks often about this theory - the atmosphere of a meal - and how you can recapture it. It's often impossible. I love having friends over for dinner. This occasion was a reunion of very old colleagues who … Continue Reading ››

sag aloo

sag aloo One of my favourite dishes from an Indian takeaway, among the mighty lamb balti, brilliant onion bhaji and cracking keema naan, is the humble sag aloo. Spinach and potato. What springs to mind are buttery, savoury bright yellow nuggets of firm potato streaked with iron-y spinach. Yum. But I've never managed to recreate it successfully at home. In a moment of weakness the other day I picked up a packet of Schwartz Bombay Potato mix somehow assuming it would be any … Continue Reading ››