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soufflé potatoes

twice-baked potatoes
twice-baked potatoes
student-survival-guideStudent food can mean an endless diet of jacket potatoes. If this is the case you can ring the changes with my puffed-up potatoes and incorporate whatever you have in the fridge to round out your dinner. The whisked egg whites lift the stodge of dense potato and gives a soufflé-like finish. It takes a little longer to make than a regular "jack pot" but I think the finish is worth … Continue Reading ››

summer veg lasagne

summer veg lasagne I always mean to try interesting lasagna recipes - ones that aren't classic lasagne al forno that is - but when I come to cook it I can't resist meaty, tomatoey rich ragu topped with creamy bechamel. It takes Jamie Oliver to convince me to try it another way. This Summer veg lasagne is inspired by one from his 30 Minute Meals book. It's perfect for the Summer months and ideal … Continue Reading ››

gorditas with apple salsa

gorditas with apple salsa, feta and veal I'd heard about these gorditas ("little fat girls") ages and ages ago and then forgot all about them. I was recently reminded they exist and decided to make them straight away. They are little cornmeal pancakes that you can use to top with anything, but with some leftover veal from Farmers Choice to use up I went for a fruity, sharp salsa and a salty feta for … Continue Reading ››