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open raviolo with mushrooms


I've revived an old habit of mine: devouring biographies. My local library has seen a lot of me lately, as I've read stories from all walks of life, Ken Livingstone to Steve-o, Chris Evans to Keith Floyd. One that's stayed with me is Antonio Carluccio - A Recipe for Life. I picked it up as a fan of his food and TV programmes. I wasn't prepared for the vast scope of his life, from growing up the station … Continue Reading ››

pinot grigio potatoes

image Shock, horror! Another roast potato recipe on this blog. What an anomaly. Of course it isn't, I've got roast potato recipes here, here and here for starters. But this was another twist, derived from cooking Heston's perfect chicken (again). The chicken there is treated with a boozy butter baste. I'd gone a bit crazy and made too much, so decided to slather it on the potatoes. And with a little lemon and garlic to … Continue Reading ››

chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee

chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee I've always wondered what fricassée meant (I had to google "wiki fricassee" to find that. Try saying it out loud, it's fun), and making this recipe meant I finally looked it up: poultry stew in gravy thickened with dairy. I've strayed a little from that definition in making this but I hope it'll do. I came to this recipe via Port Salut. It's a cheese I'd almost … Continue Reading ››

burger with red onion and red wine sauce

burger with red onion and red wine sauce and saute potatoes There's always room on the cookbook shelf for someone offering midweek family meals done in an interesting way. And that's the motto of Alex Mackay's new book Everybody, Everyday. The premise is presented simply: take one mother component or recipe and then spin it off half-a-dozen ways. It means it encourages you to use a familiar thing, … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s macaroni cheese

heston blumenthal's macaroni cheese Yes eagle-eyes, you're right: that's not macaroni in the picture. But this recipe is full of substitutions. What it tells me is this recipe has a great base from which to build on. This is Heston's recipe for macaroni cheese from How To Cook Like Heston, and is predictably very, very tasty. Like most people I usually kick cheese sauces off with a roux, but this approach melts cheese into reduced wine and stock. I'm amazed it works. I think … Continue Reading ››