chocolate and nut biscotti

When a foodie mentions in passing that they are looking for really good biscotti, how can I not leap to the stove and bake some for a Christmas gift?

Biscotti means “twice cooked” and that’s exactly what happens here. You make a big loaf of cookie dough, bake it through, then slice it up and bake it again to dry it out. I wasn’t fussed about all the different nut types, and stuck with dark chocolate and pistachio nuts, and ended with a crisp, interesting biscuit-y bake. Oh, and a delightful gift.

I nibbled one of the end bits as cook’s treat; it was very brittle (as it should be, it is designed to be dipped in coffee), the nuts chewy and the chocolatey hits dark and tasty. But the big surprise was the star anise, peppering the tongue with a spiced aroma that was perfectly Christmassy.

My recipe is adapted from this James Martin one.

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