gold nuggets: november 2012 round up

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The range of things discussed on food blogs can be surprising. Just look at the selection below – from globetrotting food adventures to doorstepping the new hot tickets, to spending time with the family. Here were a few of my favourite posts from November 2012.

It seems like a decade ago right now but the start of November brought bonfire night. Butcher Baker’s post on their bonfire weekend is not overly food-centric but a lovely story of a family holiday well-spent.

I can’t get enough of Michelle’s blog and this post on apple and berry swirls demonstrate why. Simple but glorious home-cooked family food.

I’ve always had a love affair with Japan; I took Japanese lessons at University and watch a lot of Japanese films with subtitles as a teenager. I’ve always dreamed of going to Japan and Kavey has written about her adventures there. Very jealous.

Not enough time to stand stirring a risotto? Try Katie’s baked cheese and tomato risotto, which looks just lovely.

Black pudding Nutella anyone? That’s exactly what spiritual-sister blog In Search of Heston recreated from the Fat Duck chef’s current series. Suitably bonkers.

I don’t get out to many good restaurants so I press up against the glass of reviews of new places like a grubby urchin. This review of Hawksmoor on Air Street was no exception, it sounds outstanding.

If you’re in the mood for a retro kick, well that’s exactly what I got from this fish finger sandwich recipe. No Captain Birds Eye here though, just honest cod fillets breaded and fried in a big bap. Lovely.

Read something great this month I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!

Gary Fennon



  • So chuffed to have my recipe included in your round-up Gary! Some lovely posts here to check out. My risotto is a real favourite in our house, and it’s lack of faff is spot-on for a quick hearty weeknight meal 🙂

  • Wow! Honoured to make the list, especially being counted amongst so many other exceptional blogs. Love the monthly round-ups, a great way to find more fantastic reads.

    Now the pressure’s on to come up with a December post good enough to make the list 🙂

  • How lovely, thanks Gary!

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