jamie’s american burgers

a loaded burger

A slightly special blog this one – grubblog is one year old today, kicked off originally my lasagne alla cacciatore. I’ve compiled 154 posts so far, waffling about recipes, food, equipment and restaurants. Thanks to everyone who stops by, I really appreciate all your comments. Unusually for any given post, this was prepared by Mrs. RoastPotato – and jolly nice it was too.

Regular visitors to this blog may remember the turkey chilli burgers, my perfect burger, or the best burgers in the world from Le Parker Meridien. But, faced with yet another burger I can’t resist a go. Shock horror – another recipe from Jamie’s America. Away from my usual ideas about burger recipes (that they should be as simple as possible), this has quite a few things going on. There’s beef mince of course, mixed with red onions, beaten egg, parmesan and curiously cream crackers blitzed to a powder. What happened was as the meat caramelized, the cracker crumb toasted and gave a nutty finish to the burger. A surprising addition and very tasty.

Another great idea was a spicy mayo, somewhat like a certain special sauce: mayo, ketchup, paprika and lemon juice. Savoury and sweet, and a perfect accompaniment to juicy, meaty burgers.


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