incredible chicken sandwich

incredible chicken sandwich

what to eat next He takes a lot of flak, but I like Valentine Warner. I certainly like his recipes, which are usually easy to make, easy to eat and make you think "I think I'm going to give that a go..." His latest book, What To Eat Next, is packed with these types of recipes. Duck legs with cucumber, spicy cracked crab claws, deep-fried hotate scallops... all eagerly plastered with post-it notes ready for the to-cook pile. Lots of these are interesting and comforting, with plenty … Continue Reading ››
fifty ways with spuds

my potato recipe ebook is available now

potato recipe ebook If you haven't heard, my potato recipe ebook is available now on Amazon. It features 50 potato recipes, from roast to boiled, steamed to fried and everything in between. If you're struggling with inspiration at mealtime, let me give you some ideas. There's plenty of classics such as dauphinoise and Boulangere, but there's also new dishes such as potato dosas and cheesy taquitos. It's only £3 so download it now from Amazon. Don't have a Kindle? No bother. Download the free Amazon app … Continue Reading ››
teriyaki ribeye steak

teriyaki ribeye steak with garlic fried rice

I've been a mild Japanophile since I was a teenager. The best games of the time came from Japan; you had to import them at extortionate prices. As such we pored over every detail and absorbed a lot of Japanese along the way. I took a Japanese module at university to bolster this further, reading James Clavell's Asian Saga along the way. I've always dreamed of going to Japan some day. It's against this backdrop I gleefully accepted an invitation to Continue Reading ››

what’s new? a round-up

Here's a round-up of small items, little recipes and other nuggets that I want to draw attention to... smashed burgersSerious Eats has been on a proper roll lately, with a couple of recipes in particular I just had to try: smashed burgers being one. Take two patties, but squish them down as thin as you can and then sandwich cheese together. It makes a really fun burger with a salty, crusty crust. See the full recipe. General … Continue Reading ››
crunchy polenta shepherd's pie

crunchy polenta shepherd’s pie

All the years I've been blogging, and I've never entered Belleau Kitchen's random recipes challenge. It's been running for a long old time, and I met Dom over three years ago during a Sainsbury's campaign, for which I blogged a cottage pie. I decide to enter his challenge this month, and what do you know, I turn out a similar recipe for this as I did for that campaign - a crunchy polenta shepherd's pie! The power of random, eh? Continue Reading ››

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