sage by heston deep fat fryer

heston blumenthal deep fat fryer review

sage by heston deep fat fryer I've dabbled with deep fat fryers in the past. I've often found them smelly and a pain to keep clean. One of mine in the past even burned a hole into its back! I tried out the Sage by Heston Deep Fat Fryer recently. Like most things in the range, it's a proper man-toy. All brushed steel and digital displays; it's not exactly pink and fluffy. Features-wise it prides itself on preset timings for various common foods. There are settings for a few things and in … Continue Reading ››
pork and lamb ragu

slow cooked pork and lamb ragu

I had a great big clear out of the freezer and unearthed heaps of lamb and pork. Great big lamb shanks and chunks of pork all solid as rock and crying to be used up. I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a slow cooked pork and lamb ragu. Kinda traditional style, but I used a few Knorr flavour pots to kick things along. If you don't have stock pots, add about 6 cloves of crushed garlic and a tablespoon of dried Italian herbs such as oregano, basil, or parsley. I didn't even have an … Continue Reading ››

sainsbury’s cake recipe collection book giveaway

Season 5 of the Great British Bake Off starts Wednesday 6th August! The entrants have been announced. There's the wacky one: The older techie one: And the beardy one: But best of all, Mel & Sue will be there, plus Paul & Mary. Always a strangely-enchanting watch, even if you don't care about cakes or bread. If this lot gets you inspired though, perhaps you want to bake a cake. To get you in the mood, Sainsbury's have sent me a … Continue Reading ››
chicken chow mein

chinatown, noodles and me

While I'm a self-confessed expert on the subject of potatoes, there's another carbohydrate I'm fairly clueless on: noodles. I know about the dried egg ones from Sharwoods, the soft ones from Amoy, and I'm aware there's such a thing as flat ribbon noodles, Udon (the chunky ones) and soba. Beyond that my knowledge is really sketchy. Enter noodle pro MiMi Aye. I've known MiMi since I started blogging; she's one of the first people I remember connecting with in the early days of scribbling up my recipes. She's of Burmese descent and has an encyclopaedic knowledge … Continue Reading ››
beached salmon recipe

beached salmon (or, heston’s fish pie simplified)

I love reading In Search of Heston's recipes. United by our passion for all things Blumenthal-flavoured, he goes the whole hog in attempting to recreate Heston's entire recipe index. And he really pushes the boat out to make them as accurately to the original text as possible. One of his recent posts was Heston's fish pie. I've kind-of blogged about this before. Phil went all the way and made every element, taking him over two days and eventually eating the finished dish at 3.38am one bank holiday Monday morning. It … Continue Reading ››

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