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  • mint choc chip ice cream mint choc chip ice cream

    Ice cream: everyone has their favourite. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, lemon… when you get me in front of an ice cream vendor there’s only one […]

  • sausage spiral feature sausages wrapped in potato spaghetti

    I’m about two years late but I’m a convert to the spiralize bandwagon. I mentioned recently how I’ve got into spiralizing a courgette or carrot […]

  • what’s the latest? a roundup

    It’s been a super-busy time at BigSpud towers. Here’s some things I’ve been up to lately… Lubera Lubera are an online garden store specialising in […]

  • crunchy summer salad featured crunchy summer salad

    Sainsbury’s are wanting to inspire the nation to be more creative with their vegetables after seeing a massive upturn in sales of vegetables with Avocado […]

  • [closed] competition: win london’s best brunches book

    You will know from the title whether you want this book already: it appeals to Londoners who brunch! I love a lazy breakfast that some […]

  • grilled lamb with cumin flabreads grilled lamb with cumin flatbread

    I love lamb. A quick count says I have 37 recipes on here alone tagged with lamb. When a very good friend was coming over […]

  • bella italia basildon review bella italia basildon restaurant review

    In the South of Essex is an area of Basildon known affectionately as Bas Vegas. Nestled among industrial estates is a retail park with cinema, […]

  • roast top rump beef top rump roast beef

    Here’s the thing: this was supposed to be about fore rib of beef. The Flintstones style piece of meat with the rack of bones around […]

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