red onion marmalade

red onion chutney with a lincolnshire sausage

This was another sample sent to me by the fine folks at Vineyard Fine Foods, who provided the very berry jam I was so fond of. Again it’s Essex people ploughing their own furrow.

I’d scored some hearty lincolnshire sausages from my butcher and thought a splodge of chutney would just the ticket. How right I was – slightly spiced soft meat with this red onion chutney was perfect. The preserve was dark and tangy, with a bittersweet finish. Really interesting was actually being able to see all the bits in the chutney – large and small pieces of onion, which gave it a definite home-made quality to it that was very appealing.

I heartily recommend their stuff – seek it out!

You can follow Vineyard Fine Foods on Twitter at @chutneymaker.

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