roast chicken

The humble roast chicken is anything but. It’s a real crowd-pleaser. Vegetarians, I feel genuinely sorry that you’ll never know the succulent, meaty joy of a crisp, moist roast chicken.

How I cook it depends on what’s to hand. Here it’s stuffed with a chopped onion, which evaporates sweet perfume throughout the bird, and liberally rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh thyme. It’s sat on a bed of root veg, ready to make gravy with afterwards. I also have a favoured version which starts with fried bacon deglazed with brandy to kick the cooking off.
I generally start it off on a high heat (225C), then take it down to about 180C once it’s in. A good basting from the run-off juices every 20 mins or so keeps it moist and returns flavour to the bird. Once a skewer allows clear juice running from the thigh it’s done. You must let it rest to retain moistness and flavour, in this case it sat for about half an hour.
The gravy was simply the roasting pan, veg and all, over the hob and chicken stock allowed to bubble over for a few minutes until thick and dark, then strained off. Glorious.

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  • I ate the very chicken pictured and I can attest to it being absolutely delicious, as was the whole meal. Blog about the sauce we had on the ice cream – yum!

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