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honey-glazed christmas ham

honey-glazed christmas ham I absolutely adore a ham or gammon at Christmas. My Mum always had one hanging around the house from Christmas Eve onwards, and it's something I still do every year. I favour twice-cooking, a long boiling followed by a fierce blast in the oven with a sticky sauce dribbled over the top. I spotted Gordon Ramsay's recipe from this year's and knew I had to give it a try. One of the key things that makes or breaks a dish like this … Continue Reading ››

seriously good pasta bake

seriously good cherry tomato and balsamic vinegar pasta bake If you're a regular reader of this blog you might notice I do a lot of things "from scratch" (I really hate that phrase, like a badge of snobbish one-upmanship), because I enjoy it and I like knowing what goes into my dinner. In my time of course I've used pasta sauces and the like, and they range from OK to pretty good to truly vomit-inducing (usually ones that … Continue Reading ››

sweet and sour peppers

Peppers (bell peppers to our American cousins, and capsicums to many areas of the world) are one of my absolute favourite things in food. Left beside the salad cart with a tray of sliced peppers and a creamy mayonnaise or ranch dressing I will soon be left holding an empty bowl. It's the freshness, the sweetness and crunchy texture I love. Yet they are still delcious when cooked, juicy and vibrant, often adding the fleck of colour that the plate of brown mince needs. Sometimes I want the flavours of the peppers to be really enhanced, … Continue Reading ››

masala beef with curried pumpkin

masala beef with curried pumpkin
masala beef with curried pumpkin
The most recent series of The F Word (which changed inexplicably mid-series to Gordon Ramsay's The F Word) played host to local restaurants, pitting them against one another to find the best UK local restaurant. I'm not sure how you compare carbonara to chow mein to see which is "best" but the competition was entertaining enough. The show would have been improved tenfold if it had've been only clips of … Continue Reading ››

tiramisu granita

tiramisu granita After a recent trip to his Royal Hospital Road restaurant, Cathyella also purchased Gordon Ramsay's book, Three Star Chef . I've borrowed it and I can't resist the urge to try some of the recipes out. This one had the bonus of being able to be prepared a while in advance. There's three components: coffee cream, mascarpone sorbet, and espresso granita. The granita is simply coffee, sugar and water combined and then left in the freezer. Every couple … Continue Reading ››